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We at SATVA HOMOEOPATHY believe in providing efficient integrated homoeopathic care to patients suffering from various
diseases both acute and chronic.
Integrated approach means synchronization of various clinical specialities with homoepathic medicinal application.
For eg:Combined approach in case of appendicitis by surgeon along with homoepathy where patient is purely treated
on homoepathy.This kind of team work minimizes chances of error and maximizes patient satisfaction.
Satva homoeopathy is a venture of Dr.Rakesh Gupta,who is faculty of prestigious medical college in mumbai.He has expertise
in handling various acute,chronic and medical emergency.He had completed MD(Hom),practice of medicine and taken training
for in patient department management at renowned ML Dhawale Homoeopathic Hospital where he managed ICU,casualty
and opthalmology department.
Homoeopathy is a specialised branch of therapeutics which takes complete constitutional totality of a person into
consideration for recovery and cure from a disease.
Satva homoeopathy believes in wholistic disease management for faster


• Homoepathic consultation
• Management and treatment of various acute and chronic diseases
• Management of various life style diseases
• Home visits
• Dieatary and nuritional advice
• Psychological counselling
• Providing services for geriatric care
• Hospitalisation in acute cases (if necessary)
• An overall complete and comprehensive medical care
As a part of social responsibility we actively conducted various health checkup camps,school health screening camp and for
last two years running charitable activities.

Satva homoepathy is actively changing the general concept that Homoepathy is slow.We have effectively treated various
acute diseases which demands quick relief like pnemonia,malaria,dengue,typhoid, Acute asthma,pancreatitis,angioneurotic
oedema etc.
This increases faith in our mission.

Dr.Rakesh Gupta is MD(HOM) practice of medicine,
He is well trained in handling various acute,chronic
and emergency conditions with Homoeopathy.
He is faculty and HOD at renowed homoeopathic
medical college in mumbai & is strong promotor
of Integrated Healthcare Management.
Skilled in admiting and effectively managing
hospital IPD (In Patient Deparement) patients
with homoeopathy.